Just Before Dawn has been a band or a project since the late 80’s. Based on that it is obvious that we are extremely old. And generally from Stavanger in Norway. That’s not so obvious, but it’s mostly true. Most of the time we have been a project based on the creativity of Kjell Tjetland, Steinar Meling and Tore Kvam. There’s been some very talented people involved on the albums, and live in the early days. For us it is all about having fun doing something we like. This means we have taken away all stress factors and are left with the pure joy of creating music. So, every song you hear from us is the result of us having fun, diving into the amazing landscapes that music allows us to experience. Some of it might be dark and depressed, some of it to noisy, all of it imperfect, but hey, we’re making music and it makes us feel good.

And when people like you visit our page or listen to our music it makes it fun to create more music. So to everyone, hope you enjoy what we have done and all the effort we have put into it.

Our technical headquarter and fundamental bat cave: “Tore’s studio i Sveio”. Everyone that works with music should have their own studio where you do not count hours or follow the clock. It does magic to the stress level and the creative process.